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"Yes Parrots are Banned in Indian Railways" On asking to officials they replied that carrying parrots are illegal in Indian trains, So you can't carry parrots in Indian Railways. It is good to banned on parrot trade,


TL;DR: There is no problem taking a bath there, unless you run into some private people who think it's a bad idea personally. Long version: The question is if the well is on public land or not. Let's try to locate it and see: The pool the Wikipedia page refers to belongs to a completely different church (St Mary-in-the-Castle Church) and is in a ...


Travelling with Pets on Indian Railway The Indian Rails Rules for Luggage regulate the carriage of birds, without mentioning parrots explicitly. The sender (i.e. the OP in our case) must fill in a Forwarding Note, as specified in Section 64 of the Railway Act, providing details on the animals. These include declaring the value of the animals in order to ...

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