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At $80 from the airport directly to Jasper vs $40+ from city center you value your time at nearly nothing. You will waste considerable time traveling to downtown, and then waiting until midnight for the bus. All for about $30. Or you can land at the airport, get on a highway bus and be in Jasper in about 5 hours.


Via Rail has service from Edmonton to Jasper every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday, and return service every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The lowest fare I could find was $182.70 return. Probably not what you want. Greyhound Canada has daily service (though it leaves Edmonton at 12:30 am!) and I was quoted a price of $72.70 return for a 14-day advance ...


I traveled from Austin Texas to San Francisco and paid entrance to a half dozen national parks and a couple national moniments on the way. When I got to Joshua Tree, I off handedly said it was too bad that I didnt just buy the pass because I had been to so many National Parks in the past couple weeks. They laughed and said that you can and said monuments ...

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