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It turns out two of the addresses refer to the same place! The site must have been redeveloped recently with new, internal roads. The consulate is not located in a park as it seems from Google Maps. I believe the area is a special consular zone. It seems to only contain a Lao consulate and a Myanmar consulate so far. There's also an official Chinese office ...


昆明市彩云北路6800号 缅甸总领事馆 Copy the characters I gave above and give it to the cab driver. Cab driver MUST know it, don't bother with the bus.


According to their website, the address is supposed to be No.99, Ying Bin Lu, GuanDu Qu, Kunming, Yunnan Province, China Off : +86-871- 816 2806, 816 2814 Fax : +86-871 816 2803 Email : mcgkunming.cn@gmail.com That's in a park, here, on google maps. The pointer description (缅甸联邦驻昆明总领事馆) stands for "Consulate General of the Union of Myanmar ...


About the best information I can find is on a tour operator website, which says: China crossing To cross the land border at Ruili (known as Shweli in Burmese and located in China’s Yunnan Province) / Muse (Myanmar, Shan State), you will need to arrange a special tour package by filling out this form; the package will include a guide and ...

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