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The same page on Wikitravel as referenced in Zeocrash's answer continues: As of March 2007, travel beyond Kengtung to the rest of Myanmar is not possible, even with a valid tourist visa Kengtung is a town several hours by bus from the Thai border. We stayed there for a few days and then took a domestic flight to Inle Lake. You can also fly to ...


it seems that it's very dificult to enter Burma by land, legally. As for illegally, well burmese prisons aren't particularly nice. Hopping across the Thai border into Myanmar's border towns is easy, but crossing into or out of Myanmar proper by land varies between difficult and impossible. Visa-free entry is possible at some border crossings, ...


The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office note that night time curfews still exist in many areas but can change at short notice. You are advised to make inquiries locally about any existing curfews. A night-time curfew remains in place in parts of central and northern Rakhine State, including Sittwe and Mrauk U, between 10pm and 5am. Timings of the curfew ...


According to Wikitravel: Various insurgent groups continue to operate in the Shan, Mon, Chin (Zomi), and Karen States of Myanmar, along the Thai and Chinese borders. Travel to these regions generally requires a government permit. The government also restricts travel to Kayah State, Rakhine State and Kachin state due to insurgent activity. However ...


There are many places that are completely off travel in Myanmar (Burma). There are some places you can reach only via specific means of transportation (e.g. by air, or by boat). Then there are some that you can go to if you obtained the adequate permit from the MTT (Myanmar Travels and Tours, government agency) or if you are part of an organized tour with a ...


For those who enter from one border and depart from another border point to a different country, it is possible in Tachileik-Mae Sai, Thailand border and Muse-Shwe Li, China border (vice versa).


In big cities like Yangon,Bagan and Mandalay, I don't see any night-time curfew. But since electricity is limited, most of lights are off.


The nasty side effects are more likely from mefloquine than from atovaquone/proguanil or doxycycline. Given "trekking" you should definitely take prophylaxis - and be sure to start the course before you arrive in Myanmar. I (no doctor!) would advise against mefloquine, though that is cheaper. The side effects can be nasty (in my case vision quite badly ...


The Myanmar entry permits granted at Mae Sai/Tachileik are not full-fledged visas: they're only good for 14 days and do not allow travel elsewhere in Myanmar, and this is enforced by them keeping your passport! On the upside, they're granted to anybody with a crisp 10-spot and a pulse, and I suspect that second requirement is optional. Details at ...


I can suggest you way by air: Move from Putao to Mandalay (flight K7625 Air KBZ) 45m + 1h 15m Move from Mandalay to Keng Tung (flight W9425 Air Bagan) 1h 05m


This may be out of date since Myanmar is changing so rapidly these days, but as of July 2014 there are only two border crossings between southern(-ish) Thailand and Myanmar open to foreigners: Ranong/Kawthaung at Myanmar's southernmost tip, and Three Pagodas Pass north of Kanchanaburi, not really 'south' at all (it's actually a fair bit north of Bangkok) but ...


The Thai citizen needs to go the municipal office in Mae Sai. To the right of the main building is a small building that issues the permit. There is signage in Thai that will guide your friend to the correct window. I am not sure of the fee, but I think it is around 40 baht.


There are no documentation requirements to cross into Myanmar for the day from Mae Sai. It costs US$10 or 500 baht (better value in $). The signs say baht, but if you ask the $10 option is available.


There are some. Kayak State, Kachine state and most of the far northern area which has international borders. However, it is possible to visit if you have the support of a local agency to get the visiting permit sometimes.

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