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For classical music you cannot really go wrong with the two main concert halls (the Musikverein and the Konzerthaus) and the two main opera houses (the State Opera and the Volksoper). The concert halls also offer good non-classical music — the Konzerthaus in particular offers great Jazz and World Music performances. Tickets are actually usually pretty ...


Bachtrack is doing that for you. Looking for the concert reveals that the Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor is currently performed by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and the Austin Symphony Orchestra. You can even read reviews of this concert of all known past performances.


When we were in Vienna last year we went to a concert at the Wiener Konzerthaus which we enjoyed. Their programme is quite extensive and there are smaller and larger halls in the building so you could see a small recital or an orchestra. It's just outside the city centre but easy enough to get to and seemed to be well frequented by locals rather than ...


I've been to two concerts in Musikverein, and while they are no Opera, the experience is well worth it. Prices are reasonable for that sort of thing (in the range of 30 to 70 EUR, if memory serves), and the acoustics in the Great Hall (Großer Musikvereinssaal) are great, apart from the lavish gilded decoration. Dress code is somewhat relaxed compared to ...


This is a big problem. To find a place is easy http://www.portaldofado.net/. Of course all this places are for tourists. They have a web site, advertising and everything. A really nice place to see traditional fado is a place which you feel like you are in 1970. I recommend the Tasca do Chico it is a tradicional place where I used to bring my parents and ...


There are tours designed specifically for this: Free Tours by Foot gives a few choices like: Times Square Church Brooklyn Tabernacle Of course that's not the only venue to hear the a gospel choir B.B. King Blues Club has Harlem Gospel Choir performing. Or you can just review the New York Gospel site to find the venue you might like.


I recomend you to discover this section of the Fado Museum's website: http://roteiro.museudofado.pt/. You can find there the traditional districts and houses with information about each place. You are right about being cautious with "tourist" prices. About the mood, in my opinion the average quality of most houses is high, I believe you'll find a good ...


There's a couple of restaurants that sometimes have live gypsy music. If you got in touch with them you should be able to find out if they have any bands playing while your friends are in town (assuming this isn't too late). Casa Doina sometimes has them playing in their wine cellar. Locanta Jaristea sometimes has Taraful Cailor de Curte Veche playing.


You can search for music instrument prices through a website called Heureka. Prices would be mostly the same as Western Europe.


Seeing the Preservation Hall Jazz Band in their hometown venue is a nice experience which will make you feel like you are back in the jazz age drinking illegally distilled spirits. That said, it is a very popular tourist venue with two seatings nightly for which you generally need to get there 30 minutes in advance. If you are there during the day ...

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