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Public Pianos Worldwide Placing pianos in public spaces has become increasingly popular over the past years, to the point that it's hard to pinpoint who did it first and why. Arguably, the most well-known project is Street Pianos, however this is definitely not the only project. Indeed, private local organisations, city councils, public park authorities, ...


Your only shot at seeing a dance recital would be in Chisinau. I'd doubt they're organized enough to advertise an upcoming show online. I think your best bet is to investigate when you're there. Cahul may have something as well, just because of the university. But, your best chance is walking around Chisinau or asking at your hotel.


According to the Air Europa webpage on special baggage, musical instruments and other non-standard luggage are subject to restrictions. If the instrument size is less than 115 cm you can take it on-board as your one piece of hand-luggage. If the size is larger than 115cm you can either put it in the hold by paying a fee, or place it on another seat that you'...


It is possible for an English speaker to learn this unique style of singing. The series of photos show a British woman, who is an English speaker, engaging two such singers in an impromptu lesson. Neither speaks the other's language and the instruction is done via body language and imitation. The bottom photo shows the sound being reproduced by ...


Tallinn: Although I don't attend many concerts most of the tickets are usually being sold on


A Viela in the Alfama section of town, small and not full tourist...

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