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Rent a (Solo) Music Studio Since you mention the need to be alone, a dedicated music studio comes to mind. A quick google search revealed Studio Luna Rossa in the 13th Arrondissement and Maison de la Musique in Neuilly-Sur-Seine 92200. Both of these offer small solo studios for something around 6-7EUR per hour, during both weekdays (off-peak and peak hours) ...


The NYPD does not have a Choir. MacGowan wrote the song having never actually been to New York. For the production of the music video, the NYPD Pipe and Drum Band was hired instead, and they sang the only song they all knew; the Mickey Mouse Club Anthem. The Pipe and Drum band primarily plays at police-related functions, including funerals and fundraisers. ...


There's a couple of restaurants that sometimes have live gypsy music. If you got in touch with them you should be able to find out if they have any bands playing while your friends are in town (assuming this isn't too late). Casa Doina sometimes has them playing in their wine cellar. Locanta Jaristea sometimes has Taraful Cailor de Curte Veche playing.


The metro stations were a good option when I was in Paris 40 years ago.


Jeunesse (http://www.jeunesse.at/) concerts usually offer good value (especially it you are < 26 years old)

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