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Rent a (Solo) Music Studio Since you mention the need to be alone, a dedicated music studio comes to mind. A quick google search revealed Studio Luna Rossa in the 13th Arrondissement and Maison de la Musique in Neuilly-Sur-Seine 92200. Both of these offer small solo studios for something around 6-7EUR per hour, during both weekdays (off-peak and peak hours) ...


There are a lot of musical instruments shops at Rua da Carioca, downtown. You can find a cuíca there. Also, downtown is certainly a destination for tourists, so he's probably going there anyway. For example, Casa Oliveira de Música is located at Rua da Carioca and in their website they claim to sell cuícas among many other percussion instruments.


It is possible for an English speaker to learn this unique style of singing. The series of photos show a British woman, who is an English speaker, engaging two such singers in an impromptu lesson. Neither speaks the other's language and the instruction is done via body language and imitation. The bottom photo shows the sound being reproduced by ...


The metro stations were a good option when I was in Paris 40 years ago.


A Viela in the Alfama section of town, small and not full tourist...

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