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This is a big problem. To find a place is easy http://www.portaldofado.net/. Of course all this places are for tourists. They have a web site, advertising and everything. A really nice place to see traditional fado is a place which you feel like you are in 1970. I recommend the Tasca do Chico it is a tradicional place where I used to bring my parents and ...


There are tours designed specifically for this: Free Tours by Foot gives a few choices like: Times Square Church Brooklyn Tabernacle Of course that's not the only venue to hear the a gospel choir B.B. King Blues Club has Harlem Gospel Choir performing. Or you can just review the New York Gospel site to find the venue you might like.


I recomend you to discover this section of the Fado Museum's website: http://roteiro.museudofado.pt/. You can find there the traditional districts and houses with information about each place. You are right about being cautious with "tourist" prices. About the mood, in my opinion the average quality of most houses is high, I believe you'll find a good ...

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