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You can visit both the Colosseum and Forum/Palatine AND another museum during the three days. Source: On the RomaPass list of Museums the "Colosseo/ Palatino/Foro Romano" is listed as one attraction/museum and it even explicitly states: "CUMULATIVE TICKET: (Anfiteatro Flavio) Colosseo + Palatino + Foro Romano."


I had a quick look at the van Gogh Museum website, found a link to the restaurant and it says The café is open daily during museum opening hours and can only be accessed via the museum From that I read that you can only visit the restaurant as a ticket holding visitor. I have not opened the floor plan pdf, you will find a link to it on this page, but ...


My vague memory of the layout is that the cafe is inside the ticketed area. The floor plan seems to indicate that this is the case as well, but I'm not absolutely certain.

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