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Both Germany and Austria have several competing package delivery companies, each with their own pick-up locations. First you've got to ensure you know which one(s) your seller uses. In Germany, Amazon defaults to shipping by DHL / Deutsche Post but Amazon Marketplace and eBay sellers may use any shipping company. DHL / Deutsche Post (who also run ...


Sure, Packstation 802 is at the Munich airport, Level 3. However, if you are not a German resident under Receive packages from Amazon.de while in Germany for 3 weeks (Tourist) we discussed to death how unlikely you will have a Packstation chipcard for this.


You should not have a problem. Enjoy your train ride. Refugees flood into Germany Even with the bottleneck in Hungary, migrants were still making their way to Germany, just not many by train. Germany's government said last month it expected up to 800,000 asylum seekers to come this year -- four times more than in 2014. At Munich's main station, though, the ...

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