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I've been in Munich 4 times, if you have a connecting flight then you don't pass immigration, still the time is very thigh, considering you need to get out of a plane full of people and run to another gate, it may be possible but I would check with the airlines if I were you.


Munich has an international area, so you should be able to stay there and do the immigration service check in Paris (provided both legs of the flight are on the same ticket).


(1) Namaste, Berwyn's comment is very astute: on such a long flight, super-popular routes: it will be kind of "normal" if you miss a connection, and it won't matter at all, they'll just put you on another. Your flight is so long you won't even notice if you arrive the odd day after the supposed original arrival time (2) For Munich no problem (3) For LHR ...

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