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When an airline sells you (or a re-seller) tickets for a multi-stop flight, they imply that it is reasonably possible to change planes. Brussels Airport is not very large (in comparison to, say, Atlanta), so walking distances are reasonably short. Nevertheless, for any connecting flight, it's usually a good idea to go straight through all security controls ...


In terms of the timing, see this other question. More generally speaking, quite often airports will list suggested connecting times. Munich says 45 minutes minimum for transit if you're changing terminals, so doubling that should be fairly comfortable. In terms of your luggage - I would expect them to check your luggage through, and for there to be no need ...


I find this astonishing, but it seems the answer is no. According to the computer reservation system, United Airlines has signed interline baggage agreements with the following airlines: MAY CHECK BAGGAGE TO AA AB AC AF AH AI AM AR AS AV AX AY AZ A3 BA BB BE BI BR BT BW CI CM CO CS CX CZ DL EI EK EN EQ ET EV ...


You should tell the staff that you have another flight when you check in at the first airport. They may help you to transfer


Single reservation? Then the airline will interline it. Two tickets? You do it (you can try to beg for checking it through, after all Lufthansa owns partially and codeshares with LuxAir so an interline agreement is likely).


45 minutes is fairly tight, but probably doable if you're by yourself and coming from an EU country. I had a 1.5 hour stopover coming from the US and made it in sufficient time that 45 minutes would have been manageable, barely, with my wife and two children. You don't have to check/recheck bags or anything like that I don't believe (at least from the US ...

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