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Presuming you are arriving from a non-Schengen country then you will not need to pass through immigration in Munich. You will remain air-side, although you may need to go through security depending on which terminal you arrive in/depart from. However even if you do need to clear immigration in Munich you'll find it very quick and easy (presuming you come ...


You should enter the Schengen area and get an entry stamp in Munich. I never had the occasion to connect in Munich but Schengen flights typically depart from another area in the airport and are not subject to any systematic passport checks on arrival, hence the need for a border check in the first airport in the Schengen area. That's also why “transit ...


It is interesting to me how different it is to transit in Munich and in Frankfurt. I have had 60 minute transits in Frankfurt that I made only by butting to the beginning of lines (showing people my boarding pass and begging them to let me go first) and running, and not getting to go to the bathroom or buy a drink, and still only just making the flight. But ...


You are transferring from a flight from a non-Schengen location to a flight to a non-Schengen location. Your passport will be checked, so you need to have it and a valid visa if necessary. You may need to have a copy of the documents that you needed to obtain the visa, such as your ticket or boarding pass for your onward flight (proof of onward travel). ...


Munich airport allows International to International transfers without having to pass through passport control. There are however a small number of countries that may require a visa to pass through the airport, even if you are not going through passport control - and that includes Turkish citizens.


I have changed planes at Munich coming from nonSchengen - eg Canada - headed for Schengen and while I had to line up and clear customs I did not have to claim my baggage. It added only 5 or 10 minutes to the transfer.


Normally you do not leave transit areas in German airports, but I cannot be 100% sure specifically for Munich (München).

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