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The best I can recommend to you is to become a member of the German Alpine Club (Deutscher Alpenverein, DAV) or the Austrian Alpine Club (├ľAV, all links in German). Membership costs varies depending on the "Sektion" you choose to become a member of (you can choose freely and I know many people who choose one purely based on cost) but is in the range of EUR50 ...


If you stick to the Mountain track which starts from near the visitor centre you should be fine. There aren't any steep drops(didn't see one when I last climbed in August 2011) per se but there are drops nonetheless. But most of the drops are before the halfway mark. After the halfway mark it is more or less like a zig zag way winding up the mountain.


Here's a fly through of the tourist route on youtube. If you watch the brief video or any of the other real life videos of the hike, it should reassure your friends that there is nothing to fear.


Some parts of the GR10 are indeed reachable by public transport usually involving a combination of train and bus. The railway network takes you to the larger cities which are found at the lowest altitudes near the GR10. From these you'll need a bus/coach to reach higher altitudes. In addition, the bus might drop you several km away from the marked trail so ...


Warning: as of June 2016 in the comments here in the post you link to, the route is out of bounds for tourists currently. Do enquire with the guy who entertains the blog as he seems both informed and responsive. Looks like a nice trek. Besides the report that you could find, here is another trip report as of 2007 from Zero Point to Cholamu lake that I came ...

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