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According to this link there where 306 people climbing K2, 30 of which died. This would result in a fatality rate of ca. 10%. This table only includes actual successful ascents. This list lists 80 fatalities including those who died during the ascent. I couldn't find any number of attempted ascents though. On another note the success rate seems to have ...


The standard measure for a mountain's difficulty is the ratio of summits to fatalities. Per Wikipedia, as of 2009, the hardest mountain is Annapurna I in Nepal, with a ratio of 157 summit ascents and 60 deaths, or 38%. This means that, for every five people who reached the top, two died trying (or on the way back). I'll stick to a nice brisk walk around ...


It is sad that most companies claim 98%, because there is really no truth behind those fact. If you ask them for the actual numbers most will not release them. We decided to climb with E-Trip Africa as they do put up statistics that seem a little more realistic. They claim 88-89% overall, and when I asked for actual numbers of people it calculated ...


Rock climbing is definitely possible, you can find a guidebook here Not sure about going deep water solo. Source: I have been to Malta and I have many Maltese friends.


There is a new and complete Hampi Guidebook now: http://geoquest-verlag.de/?q=en/node/481 It lists 1400 boulders and routes. For route climbing bring gear. If you dont want to bring a crashpad you can rent it at the guest houses for little money.

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