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Many mountaineering agencies claim that there are 1310 peaks over 6000m in Nepal alone. Other agencies claim that there are thousands of such peaks in the world, meaning that no comprehensive list of peaks over 6000m probably exists. This makes sense, as peaks should intuitively follow some sort of power-law distribution, meaning that there should be much ...


According to this link there where 306 people climbing K2, 30 of which died. This would result in a fatality rate of ca. 10%. This table only includes actual successful ascents. This list lists 80 fatalities including those who died during the ascent. I couldn't find any number of attempted ascents though. On another note the success rate seems to have ...


It is sad that most companies claim 98%, because there is really no truth behind those fact. If you ask them for the actual numbers most will not release them. We decided to climb with E-Trip Africa as they do put up statistics that seem a little more realistic. They claim 88-89% overall, and when I asked for actual numbers of people it calculated ...


The standard measure for a mountain's difficulty is the ratio of summits to fatalities. Per Wikipedia, as of 2009, the hardest mountain is Annapurna I in Nepal, with a ratio of 157 summit ascents and 60 deaths, or 38%. This means that, for every five people who reached the top, two died trying (or on the way back). I'll stick to a nice brisk walk around ...


Wolfram Alpha gives: 19 peaks above 8000m 95 peaks between 7000m and 8000m. One of its sources, Peakware finds: 20 peaks above 8000m. 99 peaks between 7000 and 8000m, 151 peaks between 6000m and 7000m, For Asia only, it finds 94 peaks between 6000m and 7000m, the peaks above 7000m are all in Asia.


Depending on your definition, Wikipedia has a list of mountains by elevation. Certainly according to that, there are 6000ers outside of the Andes, Himalaya and Alaska - including peaks in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tibet (regions outside of the Himalaya). Summary: 14 peaks over 8000m. 93 peaks between 7000 and 8000m (meaning 107 peaks above 7000m) 75 ...


Rock climbing is definitely possible, you can find a guidebook here Not sure about going deep water solo. Source: I have been to Malta and I have many Maltese friends.


There is a new and complete Hampi Guidebook now: http://geoquest-verlag.de/?q=en/node/481 It lists 1400 boulders and routes. For route climbing bring gear. If you dont want to bring a crashpad you can rent it at the guest houses for little money.

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