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If you are going to be riding on rough terrain, a better (and probably safer) option would be to hire a quad bike. Most places that hire scooters in Greece also do quads. If you plan on going up steep hills you'll need one of the larger engine models, they will typically do a range of sizes. Another advantage is that because they have more than 2 wheels, ...


If more than one bike is involved, chain the two bikes together. It doesnt avoid the problem but it eliminates the options of lifting the bike onto a truck.


I rented a scooter for 24 hours in March 2016, we paid 8000 Kyat (about 6.20 Euro / 7 USD) . This was for an automatic scooter (new model) at a proper place with paperwork and everything. Manual scooters are cheaper but I don't remember exact prices. Also this was in a town in the deep south, not many tourists there. In Bagan and Inle lake prices may be ...


Ridetheworld lists two motorcycle rental locations in Myanmar together with a location map, although I'm not sure if it's accurate. Mandalay Motorcycle Rental offers scooters starting from approximately US$8 per day. Myanmar Bike Rental offers scooters starting from approximately US$5 per day. A three year old thread on lonely planet claims that hiring ...

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