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I ended up taking the QL12 national road followed by the QL4D national road as researched before. I was hoping to do that journey by bus by putting the motorbike in the bus (yes they do it usually!) & get some rest in the bus. But they did not want to do it, so had to ride again & for a tougher ride this time. The road was really bad. It was very ...


I ended up taking the QL6 national road followed by the Quốc lộ 279 national road. It took around 5h in total. Other resources I bumped into a Spanish blog having an article about the Son La to Dien Bien Phu route. The nice part is, they shared the GPS tracking for the journey at the bottom of the article. You can also directly find this "Son La to Dien ...


Here is my input after doing it myself. It's completely doable, the ride is just fine. It takes a total of around 5h: about 4h ride, plus 1h for stops on the way (going to toilet & taking pics). I took the QL6 national road.


Is not too long as to stick out the sides of the RV (7'6''?) I am not sure what you mean by this, because - except for very few motocross bikes, you can't lift and place a bike on the back of the RV. Please consider renting a motorcycle trailer; if you will be doing so - you may want to invest in a tarp or similar to protect the bike from the elements. ...

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