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The answer depends on your citizenzship. Assuming that you need a visa to ordinarily visit Russia, you would also need a visa to leave the airport. Relevant excerpt from the Sheremetyevo airport website (fairly certain you're traveling through that given your information) В ожидании стыковочного рейса иностранные граждане могут находиться в аэропорту ...


Yes I have heard from authorities of Shremetyevo airport that this airport remain open in night time and seems very pleasant during night also and you can enjoy your stay there. But I have no experience staying there.


It will be no problem at the UK Border, the staff there do not know about your booking details. Anyway, it is quite normal to hold dual nationality especially at Heathrow. BTW, I believe you can enter the UK on a HK (SAR) passport for up to six months. Is there a reason you prefer to enter on your Japanese passport? Or am I mistaken? If so, I would show ...

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