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According to this news outlet and to Morocco's official website. No Ebola case has been reported in Morocco. Check out this: Click here


(Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, etc) Ebola is not contagious in the same way as, say, influenza outbreaks. It's a horrible contagious disease, but it requires an exchange of bodily fluids for transmission - particularly blood, sweat, sexual fluids, vomit, bile etc. Transmission usually occurs in close proximity - between family members, sexual partners or ...


Interesting, this came up in the latest podcast from Dr Karl, a science speaker in Australia. What I learned from this is that while Ebola is very, very bad to get (90% death-rate), it has a problem. While colds transmit very easily between people because of the incubation time and infection rate, Ebola's symptoms can appear very early, and visibly ...


Obviously it'll depend on the time of year, but my feeling in Marrakech was that something would 'appear' if you needed it, they were always keen to make some cash. We didn't have time for the desert tours, but hoped to do a day tour to a nearby river valley. Lo and behold our Riad owner suddenly had a friend running a tour, and indeed came along himself. ...


Hi and welcome to Morocco :) I'm a Moroccan living in Germany.. For your question; I would advise not to go to hot areas in summer where the temperature can go up to 45 C, such as Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Zagora, Arfoud, Errachidia.. and other desert/sahara destinations.. But if your trip is in winter then visiting those destinations is fine and enjoyable.


It would be wise to obtain MAD from an ATM after your arrive. Using your bank card at a local ATM will get the best exchange rates, minus a small fee. Some banks will refund this fee to you, so check the terms on your account. To find an ATM, check whether your card is part of the PLUS (Visa) network or the Cirrus (MasterCard) network. If it's part of either ...

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