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Traditionally Mongolians don't kiss, they do kind of sniffing. I find it nicer and cleaner rather than to be kissed and feel someone's saliva on my cheek.


There are several textbooks of Mongolian for foreigners. Have you tried "Modern Mongolian: A Course Book" by Dr John Gaunt? It's very straightforward, pronunciation of every letter is compared to a similar sound of English words and the grammar explained clearly, not in complicated ways as some other books do. Sometimes they sell copies with audio tapes ...


When I was in Mongolia last summer, no one outside of UB spoke any language beyond Mongolian (and even in UB, it's pretty tough). However, you should note that the Mongolian alphabet is the same as the Russian one since that was imposed by the USSR back in the day, and has stuck since. + I agree with what @Tom said.

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