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You don't need a visa if you stay up to 30 days in Mongolia. From Mongolian Ministry of foreign affairs: Within the framework of the 100 days of the intensification of economy the Government of Mongolia approved a list of 42 countries with a visa free access to Mongolia. According to this decision nationals of these countries are entitled with the ...


The first steps in learning to write calligraphy is understanding the basic writing system. For that @Bathrobe's site is great. Also check out StudyMongolian.net. This is more intended for teaching spoken Mongolian, but all of the lessons include the traditional written script. You could use it to learn to read and write. When you want to get more artistic, ...


Mongolia has a visa-free policy for selected countries until 31 December 2015. http://www.mfa.gov.mn/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3446%3A42-&catid=43%3A2009-12-20-21-55-03&Itemid=62&lang=en


As of 2013, Turkish Airlines started flying to Ulan Bator directly from Istanbul, or on some days via Bishkek. Depending on the exact days of travel, that might be the cheapest connection from Europe.

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