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It's been a while for me since I was in Mongolia, but I'm quite sure that, in this context, 'jeep' still refers to anything that resembles a Jeep. When I was in Mongolia, the most popular 'jeeps', specifically for touring the country, were Russian made UAZ 'jeeps'. They tend to be quite similar to Jeeps. The kind I remember looked quite a bit like this.


You need an adapter that looks like this one. The world traveler kit doesn't include such an adapter, it only has the "thin one" (type C), which should fit but it will be loose therefore not recommended.


"Jeep" originally referred to a small US Army scout vehicle built by Willys-Overland during WWII. More then 640,000 were produced and they were immensely popular with all Allied armies for their sturdiness, simplicity, and reliability. Since then, "Jeep" has been simultaneously a brand name (of both military and commercial vehicles) that changed hands from ...


For all practical purposes, the Mongolian tögrög is a closed currency, meaning you can't buy it outside of Mongolia. I'm not quite certain why this is so, but probably because it seems to be illegal to take more tögrög out of the country than you bring in, so there's no easy way for an overseas bank to gain a supply of tögrög to sell to you. (But don't ...

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