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No porn, no religious stuff (bibles and other symbols or jewerly), no pork meat, no drugs. You will be safe in 99% of islamic countries (Dubai included).


In theory, nothing has changed: pornography, very broadly defined, remains entirely banned in the UAE. An Internet filter also remains in place, although it's very patchy (playboy.com will be blocked, obscurehotgoatse.xxx probably not) and it's easily circumvented by VPN. In practice, Dubai gets so many visitors that they don't even attempt to control the ...


If you are traveling to either Dubai or Sharjah wiping your Kindle is not required. If you are traveling with a non-portable computer (a desktop) they may ask you to turn it on just to make sure it is actually a computer and not something else. For portable computers (laptops) you don't have to wipe them either. For printed books it's a different matter, ...

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