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You can go by public buses to Port of Miami. I can not give you specific details since I do not know from where you will take the bus. Google Maps will offer a great help. Please note if you take a bus you will have to walk from the bus station to the terminal which is a ~10 minutes walk. It is advised to go by car and get dropped off at the terminal. You ...


As both tickets are on British Airways, they most likely will allow you to check your bags through. But keep in mind that this would be a courtesy and not a right, so it will be up to the agent checking you in. If the agent does not check them through, you would need to clear immigration and customs to check in for your next flight.


Here are the current NHC predictions for Tropical Storm Erika. Note that the shaded areas are not the affected areas; they are the potential areas where the center of the storm might end up. A swath around the actual storm track will also be affected, which (depending on where the storm goes and how large it is at that time) may or may not include Miami ...


As of July 2015 there is currently not a location to get a haircut at Miami airport This link lists all of the retail, food, and services at Miami airport has an information page on what to do during a layover including information on art exhibitions at the airport.


Lisbon airport is open 24 hours a day so you could probably stay overnight even if that's uncomfortable. In practice, if you make it to Lisbon (i.e. the airline does not deny boarding), I don't think you would get in trouble. The problem is that the transit must also be “short”. Countries do not always publish a strict guideline beyond that and I haven't ...


Truly authoritative information (i.e. directly from the government of Portugal) is proving very difficult to find, though several tourism sources (e.g. 1, 2) state that a transit visa is not required for citizens of most countries as long as you remain airside. The countries whose citizens do require an airport transit visa to transit Portugal even when ...


You can get Biometrics for a Canadian Visa done at any USCIS Application Support Center (ASC). The list of ASC's in Florida is on the USCIS website. You can find the instructions for attending an ASC on the Canadian Government website - scroll down to the section entitled "If applying from within the United States"


I know my answer is a little late to the party but I've found it sometimes cheaper $100 per person to fly into Ft. Lauderdale and just take a van ride down from that airport to the cruise port.

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