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I didn't receive much helpful feedback and through some hours searching, I didn't learn much either. BUT I did it and it was super simple. Here's how it went down. So, I didn't tell the whole truth. I have actually been in Mexico for 9 months, 7.5 of which I was working on the Pacific coast. It is the case that I did realize in Oaxaca city that my not ...


According to a website from the Mexican government: A foreign who has any of the following documents shall not require Mexican visa: ... b) Valid visa from the United States of America; So it seems like you should be fine.


I'm guessing you were on a Mexican bus that only had Mexicans on it besides you. I was the only gringo on such a bus out of San Antonio years ago and was fortunate enough that one Mexican on the bus told me at which point I had to get off the bus and go to a certain office to get my tourist card or I would have trouble later on. I'm Australian but I recall ...

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