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I live in Mexico and have traveled throughout the country. Most touristic places will accept VISA/MasterCard, American Express is not widely accepted. I suggest getting the cash you need at any ATM, there are plenty of them on urban areas. The main banks you´ll find ATMs are from: Banamex (www.banamex.com) BBVA Bancomer (www.bancomer.com) Banorte ...


HSBC, then Credit Cards, then Banks There's over 10% difference between the best (HSBC) and the worst (Travelex), so doing your homework can earn you several more cervezas! This was a relatively small sample size, so if you want to be absolutely sure, call your own banks and credit cards. Best: Credit Cards A) Credit Card Payments Each of the following ...


They do not need a visa. From the Mexican government's website: A foreign who has any of the following documents shall not require Mexican visa: ... b) Valid visa from the United States of America;

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