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Why not just ask the government? US Citizens - Documents needed for entry into the U.S. What documents, identification, and paperwork does a U.S. citizen need to travel internationally? If you are traveling in the Western Hemisphere (Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America): Air Travel: All U.S. citizens departing from or ...


In addition to the information from the other answers, to overfly the US, the airline will have to pass your information to the US CBP according to Secure Flight. Since November 2010, Secure Flight has conducted watchlist matching of passenger information against the TSDB for all covered U.S. and foreign flights into, out of, and within the United ...


Keep the following in mind: never, anywhere in the world, do you need a visa simply for flying over air. I repeat, nowhere in the world. You do need to provide extra information to the airline.


No, you do not need a US visa. You only need a US visa if you intend to stop or change planes in the US. (This visa-free overflight is the same for any other country. For example, I've flown over Russia on my way from Tokyo to Paris but I did not need to obtain a Russian visa.) In the event that the plane needs to make an emergency landing in the US, there ...


When you enter Mexico, don't just drive past the customs border office. Stop and come in to get your visitor paper and passport stamp. That's your evidence when you go back to U.S.

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