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I contacted the Mexican embassy in several states; it appears there's no need to get a Mexican visa for majority of foreigners holding a valid U.S. visa stamp on their passport! Saved time and money hoooray!! :)


From Wikipedia: The center of this former village is the main square or garden officially called the “Plaza de la Constitución” but better known as the “Jardín Principal” (Main Garden). You can then look it up in Google Maps to get its latitude and longitude, specifically 19.289 W, 99.167 N. The surrounding buildings match those in Wikipedia, e.g. ...


If your U.S. visa is still valid, then you don't need a visa to go to Mexico for visiting purposes for up to 180 days.


US Citizens do not need visas for tourism. They are granted a (usually) 180-day visitor permit upon arrival in Mexico. Just bring your passport. If the purpose of your trip is business, immigration, etc, then you need to apply for a visa at your local Mexican consulate prior to travel to Mexico. You can read more here. When you arrive in Mexico (in ...


As of March 1, 2010, U.S. citizens and other non-Mexican citizens need passports to enter Mexico. You do not need a passport to enter Mexico if you're a U.S. citizen who is visiting a port town for a day and have come by sea, such as on a cruise.


It does appear to be possible. RometoRio cites the cost as being $15-17, and will take approximately 5 minutes between the towns. And Yellow Cab Taxi in Brownsville offers "Trips to Mexico" as part of their service. Service to Matamoros, Los Fresnos, Rancho Viejo

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