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My experiences in Baja and BCS have run directly contrary to the folklore about corruption in Mexico. I drove the peninsula, eschewing warnings against driving at night, with only a few regrets. It is a much longer drive than it appears on a map. Infrastructure is uneven. You may assume that it's a very relaxed, two day trip if you're accustomed to the ...


I found this info at https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/request.html Not sure if it covers my situation: If you received an electronic I-94 upon arrival by air or sea and depart via land, your departure may not be recorded accurately. A departure will be recorded if you depart via land and re-enter the United States prior to the expiration date stamped ...


You can also use your mexican military ID card (the card when you turn 18 you must get) if it has a photo with it. I know it can be used for land travel but I am not sure if they take it for air travel. When we crossed into Mexico last year at the border they stressed to get a mexican passport soon.


The airlines will not care; they might call out your name a few times - but they will consider you a no-show. As far as immigration is concerned, as long as you have a valid visa for the US, they also do not care. So, the answer to your question is: No, you don't have to notify the airline. The immigration will not have problems. They might ask you why ...

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