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This shouldn't be a problem for you. Since you did leave within your 90 days, and you have a reasonable explanation for the later date of your Mexican visa, there shouldn't be any problems on return to the US. They're more likely to have questions for you about what you were doing in South America.


The real site for the airport is www.asur.com.mx which is the company that manages the airport. Be sure you get a reliable company for your transportation and most of all book this prior to arrival, I use Cancun Airport Transportations


You can have a look at Wikipedia (US passport/Brazilian passport). The color codes are a bit different depending on the map but everything in dark green is definitely OK to just drop by and by combining both passports, that includes the Schengen area and most of Europe, most of South-East Asia, Japan, Korea… Yellow (“visa on arrival”) means you will have to ...

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