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Well we can't tell from the information you've given us, as it's down to how many days you spend in the US. The VWP gives you 90 days, and this includes time in Mexico and Canada (ie it doesn't reset if you hop the border). So as long as September 6th is still within the 90 days, from the US's point of view, you're fine. Then it comes down to Mexico - you ...


LAN Airlines now flies from Sydney to Santiago, as well as from Santiago to Mexico City. ITA Matrix gives an approximate price of $2600 for a round flight through Chile.


I just got back from vacation on 8/6/2014 to Cancun. We (all USA born citizens) crossed the border into Reynosa Mexico by car and boarded a plane from Reynosa Mexico to Cancun Mexico. I used my driver's license, my brother his passport book and my sister the passport card (you know the one that reads only valid for land and sea). My nephew used his long ...

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