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There is! But there aren't any signs to tell you... As explained on the PTV Airport Buses page, the SkyBus ticket office at the airport sells the myki Visitor Value Pack. That costs $14, and comes with $8 credit (plus a few other bits). There are no signs at the SkyBus ticket office about myki, it isn't listed on any of the prices shown, but if you queue ...


You can actually buy a ticket on the bus itself. I've done it, and as you can see on the official website, it is one of the published official outlets. From: http://ptv.vic.gov.au/tickets/myki/buying-your-myki/ Where you can buy a myki You can buy a myki At over 800 retail outlets including all 7-Eleven stores and selected retailers where you see the ...


There's also a vending machine within Melbourne airport where you can buy (and presumably top up) a myki.


Actually I believe this is an illegal connection because for Qantas to Qantas in terminal 1 the minimum connect time is supposed to be 40 minutes. I am surprised the booking engine allowed 35 minutes (possibly the AA codeshare confused it). AA 7342 is a codeshare on QF 434. I tried to force QF 680 connecting to QF 434 at several dates, and although the ...


An alternative not mentioned in @Gagravarr's answer is that you can purchase a myki online from the PTV website.

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