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I dispute the premise of your question. (All images from a google Image Search for "Welcome to [State Name]") You can find examples for all 50 states at this site - note however that while all 50 states are represented, that list is far from exhaustive of all the designs and styles that can be found, depending upon which border crossing you're at. ...


If you and your girlfriend are willing to go for a hot summer hike and cold swim, there is Upper Little Stoney Falls in the Jefferson National Forest - Hanging Rock Day Use Area, near Dungannon, Virginia. Waterfall photos: http://www.waterfall-picture-guide.com/upper-little-stoney-falls.html


Assuming you'll be in the Fredericksburg area, there are certainly a few. Virginia.org has a section on 'Farm to table' so you know it won't be roadkill ;) They list several restaurants in Fredericksburg, Lovettsville and others nearby with fresh fish, wild game, duck , quail, seafood and more. Examples: Bistro Bethem (Fredericskburg) is a hip ...


In general it's always going to be due to "weather" in one form of another. The most visual version of this is when there are storms en-route, and the different course is chosen to avoid the storm. However even when there's no storms, there are still winds - and they can vary dramatically depending on the actual route taken, as well as the altitude the ...


So I've just been there and back, and I'm posting a bit more info in case it's useful to someone else. The single trip using public transport does take something between 2.5 and 3 hours, and cost in total between $18-$22 (single trip), but is definitely doable and convenient, particularly if you are travelling alone and with not much luggage. First one has ...


There are 2 bus routes that service Annapolis from Washington D.C. 921(Young Transportation Services and 922(Maryland Transportation Authority Commuter Bus), so you will need to get from Dulles to Washington and then with 1 or 2 transfers depending the route to Annapolis. You can use Google's Maps to get the routes, which will be serviced by DC Metro ...


I do not believe it is legal for hunters to sell their wild game directly to restaurants in the surrounding states, so even though "wild" game and poultry are available on many Washington, D.C.-area menus, a farm-to-table arrangement is usually advertised. Chowhound and, to a lesser extent, MenuPages, is a good resource. Bison, duck, quail, and rabbit are ...


I was over in Baltimore last week, and handily had a friendly native to guide me around to the best spots :) Fells Point had lots of very nice bars and restaurants, covering a wide range of tastes, so I'd say that's a must. A little bit east of that is O'Donnell Street, which had a similar selection of places but was a little quieter. The Inner Harbour ...


Baltimore is a beautiful city, with a lot of old world charm, clubbed with modern infrastructure. Especially with regards to food, it is often overlooked because of its close proximity to the nation's capital. I have visited Baltimore a few times, and have never been disappointed with the level of service and quality of food. You should try out the Blue ...


The Google route shows tolls for three consecutive segments of that route, but actually it's just one toll: at the Peace Bridge. The toll is roughly $3.


There is now an iPhone and iPad app that will do this. It's called Tolls Calculator USA & Canada and you can download it for free in iTunes.


In addition to what these nice folks recommended, I'd add Camden Yard. Check out the Orioles schedule. Take in a game if you get a chance. You can get a beer and a hotdog!

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