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When I was in Borjomi last month, I met a couple who had hired a taxi to go from Akhaltsikhe to Batumi via the mountain road. Unfortunately I cannot remember how much they paid, but it is certainly realistic to do so. They got the tourist office in Borjomi to find the taxi for them; you can probably do the same at the Batumi tourist office. It is no more ...


Here's an estimate: A 250km ride in a shared taxi or marshrutka costs the equivalent of 5 - 10 euros per person, with a petrol price of about 1 euro per liter, depending on how popular and difficult the route is. A marshrutka typically seats about 15 people, so a low estimate for renting a marshrutka for a 100km circular (that is, starting and finishing in ...


I drove this route in a Lada Niva. It's not dangerous at all and not so mountainous as you might think. The biggest part of the road from Batumi to Akhaltsikhe is not asphalted but is wide enough to allow cars to drive in both directions without any risks and can be done with any kind of car / bus. The part from Akhaltsikhe to Borjomi is in very good ...


I would say that you don't have to negotiate a price - usually driver just tell the price and you accept it :) However, you may get a "bonus" as a foreigner, but I don't expect it to be more then 20-40%. Regarding sample price for 100 km. According to my latest experience (and google result), MastaBaba is more-or-less right - ~30 euros for bus for 10-15 ...


It turns out that Ortachala and Didube are not the only places to catch a bus or marshrutka in Tbilisi. It's easier to find the departure times on the Internet when you know the names of the others. Here is the full info compiled from the official government published Tbilisi Guide tourist information handbook: By bus Ortachala (ორთაჭალა) a.k.a Tbilisi ...


How's your russian? If good take a look at the discussion on If not I will attempt to translate: Marshrutkas are leaving from multiple places for Batumi. From the Railway Station starting at 8 in the morning and leaving every hour or if full. There those leaving from the Sports Palace starting at 9 and then every hour. From Didube but ...


When I asked a taxi company for a small bus they listed 5 hryvnas/km for the whole 7-seats bus. There are companies that can take you over the Ukrainian border, and they charge 7 hryvnas/km for the part of trip which is not in Ukraine.


You have to go to the main station and ask around, the prices are very different as there are no actual companies driving. The drivers are individuals who drive families and tourist to the borders. I will ask my friends in tbilisi to find out the estimate price but meanwhile I did my research and found this gem website.


There's a train to Aktau that will set you back 20-30$ According to Caravanistan, there are shared taxis that will take you there too, for about 500 tenge, though from my searching around everyone seems to take the train there and there is little mention, if any, of marshrutkas and taxis to Aktau.

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