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You're worrying way too much about this! Morocco sees a huge number of Caucasian European tourists (~370,000 from the UK alone) due to its proximity to Europe thanks to cheap low-cost carrier flights as well as historic ties it has with France, being a former French colony. (To this day, French is one of the more commonly spoken languages, at least in the ...


We did a few overnight trips in Morocco around 2005, generally it was fine. But on our last trip from Marrakech to Tangier someone's wallet and travel documents were stolen. It was 6 people from our group, filling up the whole cabin, the bag hung up above their head, on the far end from the door. Still somehow they managed to get it. So I would recommend ...


This is only anecdotal, as I travelled by bus in Morocco, but I met many other backpackers who did travel by train and they didn't report any problems. As I answered to a previous question, Morocco is generally a very safe country to travel in. Seat61's entry on Morocco doesn't give any warnings - and the trains look quite comfy too!


Obviously it'll depend on the time of year, but my feeling in Marrakech was that something would 'appear' if you needed it, they were always keen to make some cash. We didn't have time for the desert tours, but hoped to do a day tour to a nearby river valley. Lo and behold our Riad owner suddenly had a friend running a tour, and indeed came along himself. ...


Morocco is a relatively safe place. The biggest issue would be heat and sun if you travel in summer. Take care of air conditioning in the car and of long sleeves to protect the skin of your blonde and red head children (though I guess that all the family could benefit).


According to this website, there is nothing special on these dates. The closest to your travel dates are the January 1st (New Year's day) and the January 11th (Independence Manifesto Day 1944). In my experience, I was a January 1st in Marrakesh and I didn't perceived any special celebration.


I've just returned from a 1500km driving tour of central and eastern Morocco. My girlfriend and I both felt very safe in and out of the car, welcomed by the locals in cities and villages. The only risk for driving during the day is the abundance of traffic police with checkpoints and radar guns. We were stopped for crossing the white center line (which is ...

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