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That's Pineview Reservoir. It has a three-fingered shape (or fuselage-and-wings shape) because it was built at the confluence of several streams. It is indeed a real body of water, but not technically a lake. Sources: Firsthand experience at the reservoir https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pineview_Dam https://www.google.com/maps/@41.2660977,-111.8092137,13z ...


It does remotely look like an airplane as Google Maps / Earth reveals:


It's clearly visible in Google Maps, where you'll also notice that it is much larger than a real airliner. The human brain is very good at recognizing pattern, and in your case it identified this lake loosely resembling an airliner. The phenomenon of recognizing patterns in random data is called Apophenia. So in summary, there is no reason to assume this ...


Google Maps now supports mass transit navigation in Berlin, so there's no need to use external apps.


For Africa, the Africa Border Monitor is a non profit group tracking all the border statuses of African countries. They have a map indicating open, mostly open or closed border statuses.

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