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https://roadtrippers.com/ While this question is a little old it demanded an updated answer.


No, not on Google Maps. However, you CAN partially accomplish this using Waze. Waze was acquired by Google in 2013. Use Waze's "check routes for a different time" feature allows specifying a different time, but as far as I can tell it doesn't allow specifying a specific date or even a specific day of the week.


You will find plenty of small unpaved roads and hiking trails in Central Europe. OpenStreetMap as suggested by Gilles is one possibility, the other are excellent maps (what do you need are so-called topographic maps). You can acquire them in any bigger town in cartographic shops, there are also often maps given by the tourist information (hiking trails, ...


I agree with Lukasz, gps units can last decades. Like you I own a Garmin eTrex Vista HCx and I love it. Even to the extent that I now use it as satnav in my car,since upgrading the Vista with road changes and directions is free with Open Street maps, whereas the car satnav systems typically charge you quite some fees. It is far superior then the satnav sold ...


A few years is quite a recent as for GPS device, which are designed to last for years, and not 1-2 years like smartphones... I've bought Garmin Etrex 20, which has similar capabilities to yours, but you'll want probably a bit more. As for tracking, Etrex may be too little. I don't know how it is with tracks, it has the ability to 'archive' them, but it has ...


OpenStreetMap is pretty complete in Europe (at least in the parts I'm familiar with), even when it comes to footpaths. It can be downloaded freely (there are smartphone apps to download the data and browse the map offline). However, as an aid to hiking, it's lacks critical information for many locations. In particular, there's no elevation. There's no ...

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