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An answer five years later - and by now refering to downloading maps to smartphone: Baidu Maps The best map for China IMHO is from Baidu, and this article describes an option to download maps for offline usage and how to use it. If you, like me, don't want to give the app every possible permission on your phone, an alternative is: Maps.Me I have made ...


The interface is a bit inconvenient and it has a limit on the number of routes shown simultaneously, but you can do it on Kayak's list of airlines. Click on an airline and you'll get a map of where it flies. E.g. a map for Easyjet: You can then filter by a specific city to get a map of which routes are available there, e.g. for Easyjet in Prague:


Between the Star Alliance route map, the oneworld route map, and the SkyTeam route map, you can see the vast majority of existing flights. For any given airline, just choose the map corresponding to its alliance. And since most itineraries will have all segments within the same alliance, you probably will need to use only one of these maps.


You could try openflights. I'm not sure if the data is complete, but a map for easyjet: And Indigo (India LCC):


Picasa has a feature to tag place, people and date/time on pictures, and afaik also view the map with all the thumbnails.


If you are using your smart phone to take pictures, both Google and Apple have this functionality built into their respective platforms.


When you say you want to keep them private, does that mean you want them on the web but only visible to you or you want to keep them only on your computer ? I know that Adobe Lightroom does that. Here's a video showing the feature : Flickr also support that that. (the only one I checked, I assume other site like ...


I have used in the past Put in a city and get monthly averages highs and lows, rain and snow stats etc. You can also drill down to a particular day but I don’t think it will do it by week.

2 should have what you are looking for. Their website gives downloadable maps for different times of year, and testing lots of different conditions such as rainfall. Here's an example for the average rainfall in March 2016 in the US : For example, we can see from this that the rainfall in March 2016 in Florida was about 1 inch. We can compare ...


Google's official Map Maker lists the following information in their guideline for map contributors: Average (avg.) speed Speed limits show how fast someone can drive legally. When getting directions in Google Maps, speed limits help calculate travel time. Default speeds: Roads in every country have a default speed limit depending on the road ...


National Trails are a good collection of paths that you can walk and some cycle. The map on the site shows you where the nearest long-distance trail is. In general, the trails are often based on historical routes and some follow paths that have been walked for many years (like the North Down Ways to Canterbury). When walking these paths you many often need ...


Looking only at the legal aspects of this - and not at the suitability or recommendation of any particular walk. In England and Wales, you can walk on any public right of way, or on any open access land. Public Rights of Way include footpaths, bridleways, and byways. As a walker, you can go on any of those. You can get information on all of those from the ...

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