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The Wakhjir Pass at the Wakhan Corridor (Afghanistan-China border) seems to be very scarcely crossed, since the last westerner to have done so was back from 1947. Also (from Futility Closet), that border requires the greatest time change of any international frontier -travellers must reset their watches by 3.5 hours.


Desert. Not only the Sahara or Gobi as mentioned but in general all deserts. I remember this radio talk and that guy, P.Frey, claims he is the only person to have crossed the Sahara in the East-West direction. Mostly because people living in the desert actually live in small areas and never really cross it. In general deserts are by definition not places ...


caves! 1,083,206,916,846 km3. volume 510,072,000 kmĀ² surface area there is a huge difference in area to explore under the surface. as well google earth cant see under ground. granter it could be hard and not interesting to dig a hole. the idea of journey to the center of the earth comes to mind. thou you could spend generations digging or you may enter and ...


I think they have various types of map available at the airport and tourists information centers near the attraction you want to go. I guess you only want a topographic map for hiking, not for researching, so accuracy is not that important. The Korean government has this weird law where they forbid any detailed map data to be stored on servers outside Korea ...

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