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The Eurostar arrives at London Kings Cross/St. Pancras. From there you can catch the midland main line (to Sheffield) or the east coast main line (to Newcastle and Edinburgh). If you wanted to go to Manchester you'd need to take the West coast main line from Euston (a 9 minute tube ride away). As long as you don't mind changing trains, the Eurostar is a ...


There's a railway station at Old Trafford itself, handily called "Manchester United Foodball Ground". Looking at the Official directions and map it looks to be right by the stadium, and Wikipedia concurs. The Manchester Sport Website suggests that trains to Old Trafford depart from Manchester Picaddilly, so that should make things easy. However, Wikipedia ...


Tackling the London-Manchester bit, Virgin Trains runs regular services on this route. If you book in advance, tickets should be under £20 each way. There are several fast trains an hour, and it takes about 2 hours for the trip. You can get timetables and book tickets on the virgin trains website (amongst others) One note about UK advanced train tickets - ...


Regarding the first question, you might want to check Maxroam. They offer several international roaming packages including voice and/or data. Data is charged from about $0.65 per MB. update : MaxRoam has launched a new service for Europe in this article


Not exactly an answer, but a word of caution. It is important enough that I didn't want to make it a comment. Last year I went to Italy and got a data stick from Vodafone to use while I was there (working). Of course, I don't speak italian, so I had to rely on the customer rep to explain the options to me. I selected what seemed to best fit my situation, ...


Vodafone works in pretty much all european countries; however at 15Euro for 50MB for traffic (Vodafone.de prepaid roaming data rate) you are better of buying a new (local) sim card in each country. t-mobile uk offers a cheaper rates (up to 1 Pound/500MB per day), and im pretty sure it will also work in all the other countries on your list.


You can get a global sim that will work throughout Europe, the prices for data are on the expensive side, you might want to read some of the relevant answers to this question - about avoiding data roaming fees. As for trains, all British train information, including booking of tickets, can be found at The Trainline. Prices and journey times vary depending ...

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