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Yes. It will take less than 1 hour, by train, to get from city center to KUL. That leaves you with three hours which is more than adequate for an international flight. The biggest concern will be the time it takes to get to from your meeting to the train station. Another thing you should consider is how your luggage will encumber you.


Any time this type of issue has happened for me (with BA, BMI Star Alliance, and one of the US airlines) I just call and tell them the website can't cope. Every time I have had a useful help person who did whatever was needed to make it happen. Sometimes you just need to get a human to make it happen.


No, this is not a slight problem IMO. Most immigration officers match passport photos, visa photos with the person in front of them. Even though this is not your mistake, you can suffer because of this. My advice is to send the passports back and get this corrected. If you have a consulate in your city, contact them. (Many times, immigration officer at the ...


If you are buying all your flights together in one single transaction, then yes your baggage will be checkled through. You will not need to collect your luggage in Heathrow. You should recieve all your boarding passes at the check in desk in LYS but even if you do not, you can collect your Malaysian Airlines boarding pass once you get to Terminal 4. Simply ...


Your problem is you're trying to add them in the wrong place! Very few One World partner bookings will show up in the BAEC interface. Generally only ones on 125- ticket stock (bookings made with British Airways themselves), and ones involving a BA leg will be available in the British Airways website. (Full gory details available on flyertalk if you really ...


The exact rules will actually vary slightly depending on the city pairs. On the Malaysia Airlines website, on the Review Your Itinerary and Price page there's a small link at the top for View Fare Rules. You can use that to check exactly what the rules would be for an given ticket you were thinking of buying As a general rule though, mhbasic is the least ...

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