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Please bear in mind that it's a quite long whole day journey. There are the following option to get from Langkawi to Phuket. I believe the same should work in reverse. By ferry: Tigerline (~3300-3700 THB) Service was launched at the end of 2012. High season route only (operating Nov - April). Check in point located inside the Kuah Jetty (located in ...


Malaysians can enter Thailand without a visa for up to 30 days. If you plan to stay longer you need a tourist visa. The Immigration officials may require proof of departure, for which a copy of your flight booking will suffice and they may require proof of financial support, which for a single person is 10,000 Baht or the equivalent in Ringgit (they maybe ...


Malaysian citizens do not need a visa to visit Thailand. See the embassy guidelines for visa requirements. So all you would need is a valid passport.


You don't have to pay anything unless if you overstayed. Depending on how long you overstated, they will let you know how much. We said we didn't have money then they told us we should pay on our next visit. We did our return but they never charged us.


The reason why foreign books are seldom translated is simply that in Malaysia majority of book readers speak English very well. But there are books in Malaysian (Bahasa Malaysia) as well. You can buy books in Bahasa Malaysia in every large bookstore including Kinokuniya, simply ask the staff. But your best bet is to visit MPH bookstore. They have by far the ...


You only have to do this if you have overstayed your visa and there are penalties levied. Otherwise there is not such tax on departure.


Short answer, yes. You will not have a problem using Malaysian cellular internet for Google Maps, e-mail, web browsing, etc. Longer answer, the mobile networks are reliable enough that you should be able to use a prepaid cell phone for voice and data in most areas. Just like many countries, there are places you will not get reception such as jungles and ...

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