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You can't just get to the boardwalk. You have to walk either 2.7km from the Northern Access point to the Boardwalk...and then back again or 2.1km from the southern access point to the boardwalk and back again. 5km walk at least! Also plenty of info in English here: http://www.caminitodelrey.info/en/5243/frequent-questions


There are several mentions of minors amongst the FAQ's but perhaps the most conclusive is: Moreover, children and dependent minors must be under supervision of parents or a legal guardian at all times during the route. There are various requirements that are not typical of a tourist spot so reading up on a proposed visit seems advisable. No ...


Neithe the official Spanish tourist page or the English official site's FAQ mention children - the main focus is on fitness really. It's worth noting that traditionally, it's been noted as Spain's most dangerous hike, which would normally not be a good idea to take kids on. However, the photo of how it looks in 2014 shows an easy boardwalk path, plus ...


Firstly, the minimum age for children is 8 years so the kids of 10 will be allowed to go on the pathway. T he walk is linear, meaning you start at one end and finish at the other. You can't go halfway for example and then turn around. There is some easier to understand information and instructions about how to reserve in English at www.caminodelrey.es For ...

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