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Madrid airport is split in two main areas. Terminals 1 to 3 on one side, and terminal 4 (with its satellite building) on the other. International fights arrive at either T1 or T4S. As IamJulianAcosta points out, there is a free bus service linking T123 with T4; while a tram joins T4S with the main building from which your flight to Tenerife would depart. ...


Bus is the best mode of transport for your limited budget. It's available 24/7 and runs every 15 minutes during the day and every 35 minutes at night.The tickets cost five euros and you can purchase it on the bus.


Is not difficult to change terminals, I flew from Bogota to Ibiza two years ago and had to wait for nearly 2 hours in Madrid. If mileage is important to you, go for option one. I spent nearly 10 minutes in immigration and like 20~30 minutes switching terminals. There is a regular free shuttle between terminals. Madrid airport is big, so be prepared to walk ...


I've lived in both of them and, although both of them are great, I prefer Madrid over Barcelona. It's a matter of personal taste. If you are just looking for nightlife, discos, etc both of them have a lot to offer with great places to go. The difference is that Barcelona is more focused to tourist with some discos in the beach which are full of tourists. ...

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