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About the only difference is noted at the bottom of the page of ticket prices: Children under the age of 4 may travel without a ticket. So yes, some children get a discount, but not all. However, there is a tourist season travel ticket, for x number of days which you can purchase, for certain zones and various combos. For this, children under 11 get ...


What you are referring to is "short-checking" of bags - where your bags are only checked to an intermediate point along your journey. Some airlines do allow short-checking of bags, although most will only allow it under specific circumstances, such as longer or overnight connections. Even airlines that used to allow it are starting to disallow it - for ...


You can find Kettle (or electric jug) in many stores (El Corte ingles, FNAC) in Spanish the name is "Hervidor de agua" http://www.fnac.es/Bodum-Bistro-Hervidor-de-agua-11451-294-Color-Rojo-Desayuno-Cafe-Accesorios-para-el-desayuno-Expresso-y-cafeteras/a839940 P.S. I posted a link to the item as an exmaple, but it can be purchased on person in the store.


An electric jug will do most things better than an immersion heater in your case. If you can to minimise water used be sure that the coil of the element face downwards towards bottom of the jug. As long as the water is say 5mm above the parts of the element that get hot it will work well. You may be able to have a small part of the hot portion above water ...


Children under the age of 4 don't need a ticket. There are monthly/season tickets at reduced rates for people under 23 as well as 65 and over. And a special ticket for "official large families" and hadicapped persons. However, there don't seem to be any reduced rates for regular single tickets.

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