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Unaccompanied bags are only allowed in freight not on passenger flights. As you will have to show your boarding pass at the gate at Heathrow, this will be checked against the luggage loaded. If the passenger is missing or hasn't boarded, their luggage will be offloaded due to security concerns. This is normal practice across almost all airlines/airports I ...


The normal train is, as described by santiago, still available. You can check the tickets in www.renfe.com. They are not very comfortable, but at least you can walk around and, eventually, spend some time in the bar. The travel time on these regional trains is around 8 h and price is around 50 euros. You can also get a fast train, AVE, that takes around 3 ...


I can't believe that no one has mentioned ride-share sites yet. blablacar, for example, is hugely popular in Spain and many other European countries. From the looks of it, you'll have no trouble finding a ride along that route and the going rate seems to be ~€30. Driving time is about six hours according to google maps.


Bus is around 80-90 € (return). I think that there is very expensive and only an option if Flight depends on the day and company. The cheapest companies are Ryanair and EasyJet. Expect to pay at least 40 € for a return ticket to Porto and 60 € to Lisbon. Anyway, you can find one way tickets from 15 € to Porto or 27 € to Lisbon if you plan in advance. I ...


According to Loco2.com, you can pay 32 GBP (45 EUR) to get from Madrid to Barcelona on the slow, regional train in nine hours. However, you can also catch an early morning (6:20am) train that'll get you there in three hours for 37.50 GBP (53 EUR), which might be worth the extra convenience.


Go by train. I took the AVE high speed train from Barcelona (Estacio De França) to Madrid (Atocha). IMO, it is the best way to travel between the 2 cities. i takes around 4 hours, the stations are easily accessible, you do not have to come in early, go through lots of security and you have a lot less restriction in bagage size and weight.


Considering that airlines typically won't ship luggage that's not connected to a flying passenger, your best bet, if you can't check in your boyfriend's luggage, is for you boyfriend to travel with his luggage himself. Unless you get clear confirmation his luggage will travel all the way to Stockholm, I suspect you run the risk of his luggage being ...


The absolute cheapest way is almost always by coach, if you're booking in advance. Looking on GoEuro and similar sites, it suggests you can get a coach (7h50) today at 2pm for £6/€8.50 - that's last minute, so the other prices for coaches today aren't dissimilar to trains, but as mentioned, if you're booking in advance, I'd expect that to be the price. ...


It's not necessarily much more expensive to fly if you do it at the right time and book well in advance. By Vueling, for example, you can fly from Madrid (MAD) to Barcelona (BCN) on Tuesday 9 June at either 10:00 or 12:10 for 45 €, including all fees and 10 kg hand luggage, if you pay by debit card. Checked luggage is 13 € extra. The flight takes only 1 hour ...


Bus is the best mode of transport for your limited budget. It's available 24/7 and runs every 15 minutes during the day and every 35 minutes at night.The tickets cost five euros and you can purchase it on the bus.


I've lived in both of them and, although both of them are great, I prefer Madrid over Barcelona. It's a matter of personal taste. If you are just looking for nightlife, discos, etc both of them have a lot to offer with great places to go. The difference is that Barcelona is more focused to tourist with some discos in the beach which are full of tourists. ...


Even if you were to make the luggage come off in London, this is not the end of your troubles. I spent 3 hours at a Qatar Airways desk waiting to get baggage that could not be short-checked/ short-tagged for a 20 hours overnight stop. I'm not sure Heathrow will be better. Off the top of my head, I also think that they are subject to security searches if ...

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