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All the quotes are from my LonelyPlanet: Bulgaria: Camping in the wild (ie outside a camping ground) is technically prohibited but normally accepted if you’re discreet and, most impor tantly, do not build wood fires (which attract attention and damage the environment). Greece: Free (wild) camping is illegal, but the law is not always ...


According to the girl at the reception here at a hostel in Skopje there is an Exchange office in the Ramstore mall, next to the museum of Skopje. There they do exchange RSD, however I have not tried this myself. Worth a try.


I am currently in Skopje in Macedonia and there is a 6am bus to Thessaloniki every Monday, Wednesday and Friday see Skopje bus station site No trains at the moment.


(I'm promoting and editing my comment to an answer since we haven't received anything better) While I was there (almost a week) I found only one exchange place in Skopje which didn't list RSD but did buy them when we asked about it (no selling though). The rate was terrible, about 25% below the official rate! I was suggested to try the bus station but ...


Apparently OASTH has added a direct line from Macedonia Airport to the Chalkidiki KTEL. The line's number is 79A, and it's non stop. I'm not sure if the line is only for the summer, it might make sense to send OASTH an email and verify the line will be in service when you plan to arrive in Thessaloniki. Getting from Thessaloniki to Vourvourou with ...


I don't know if it is possible to get Euros from ATMs, but I can help you with your general strategy by quoting my Lonely Planet: The denar isn't convertible outside Macedonia. Restaurants, hotels and some shops will accept payment in euro (usually) and US dollars (sometimes).


we have been doing a bit of a eastern Europe camping, in our old merc camper, Croatia its illegal, especially near the coast and the national parks, but if you get away from the touristy areas, and camp then its generally ok, met a couple from germany who got a fine and moved on, but they were not far from the national park, and the locals there want the ...


In terms of trains, I think you're currently out of luck. Rail Europe report that as of January 2011, all international trains from Greece have been cancelled until further notice. That means no trains linking Thessaloniki with Sofia, Belgrade, Budapest and Istanbul. As the cancellations are down to the financial situation, it may be some time (years) until ...


I have camped in Montenegro in the mountains without any problems. I have also heard a second-hand story of a group of tourists camping in the Durmitor National Park and being approached by rangers in the evening. They told them to move to another place a few hounded meters away to have a better view on the valley :)


Well this is purely anecdotal but I spent about a week in the Republic of Macedonia, mostly in Skopje but also in Ohrid. I never saw or head of an ATM that offered withdrawal in Euros as well as Denar so I have to assume no.


I've been wild camping a couple of times in Macedonia and Kosovo and I've never had any problems. Your only real concerns are the small packs of Sharpinina dogs that roam the forests/mountains at night.


This link may be useful for you: It says that there are buses between Greece and Macedonia, but a lot of them are not running anymore. Still you should be able to find some!


Some friends and I road-tripped from Ljubljana to Athens in 2011 and we wild-camped the entire way. Albania you can really camp anywhere, Croatia you should be a little more careful, and I'd say Slovenia is in between. We didn't camp in Montenegro but I think it seemed pretty relaxed, similar to Albania. In Croatia it was probably the hardest, cos we were ...


I'm from bulgaria.I don't know is the free camping permitted,but it's verrrrryyyyy popular in Bulgaria.Most of the young people do it at all the time when the weather is good.We also live on some beaches on Black sea like Irakli,Karadere and many others it's full of people who live there on tents for 3-4-5 months!!!We also did it in the mountains during the ...

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