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Take the bus. Idbus has three connections per day. It takes 8 1/2 hours and the price is 29 or 39 EUR, depending on the departure time . Alternatively, you can also have a look at Eurolines. The train is a bit faster, but also more expensive. For the day you mention, prices start at 48 EUR. Easyjet used to operate between Milano Malpensa and Lyon. But they ...


National parks are a bit far but you have many options depending on how long you are willing to travel. Here are a couple options closer or further from Lyon. Parc National des Écrins This is far from Lyon and better done from Grenoble (1h30 from Lyon), and it is the beginning of "real" mountains, the Alps. This is one destination option among many. You ...


The Dombes region is accessible from Lyon by regional train (TER) in about 35 minutes. The region has hundreds of ponds, used for fish farming. There are 130 bird species living here and waterfowl abound. There are walking and biking routes, bike rental is available. http://www.villars-les-dombes.com/


I found this article giving a few options. Especially the second one seems to fit your criteria: Lipstick 19, Rue Désirée M: Hôtel de Ville This café is a close second to the Voxx. There’s a nice little vibe and they have great booths if you’re staying for lunch. If not, they’re happy to let you sit at the bar and check your email or do whatever ...

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