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I'd call the airline directly to ensure that you're interpreting their terms correctly and whether they require any additional information or preparation. And be prepared for a very, very thorough customs inspection. The value of your luggage will obviously be above the monetary limit for customes-free imports, and the amount will suggest commercial ...


Absolutely. Just on Monday there I arrived at London Gatwick in heavy rain. Took them 50 mins to offload plane and load bag onto carousel (strangely mine was the first on the carousel). Bag was soaked through, top compartment (containing best suit I was due to wear to job interview), was soaked through (was in suit carrier, inside bag zipped compartment). ...


They will get wet, twice. Luggage are almost always transported in small chains of relatively flat carts pulled by a motor vehicle. Then, a conveyor belt loads them into the plane as works move each piece from the carts to the belt. As some comments say, the carts sometimes are covered, which I have seen but it was not complete coverage, so water will still ...


Under normal circumstances you will remain airside have the baggage checked through to Cologne go through immigration at Munich have plenty of time left in Munich go through customs at Cologne


Here's your checklist for this task: Via Ship Estimated Cost of lcl load if sent via ship container - For cost comparison Timelines and terms of pick up - From Door to Door or port to port transport Figure out if the cost & longer time is worth when compared to the Air option Via Air Things to check with.. Consulate / Immigration & Legal ...


G.I.Y.F....................... http://wavetribecompany.com/2014-airline-surfboard-boardbag-fee-guide-for-surfers/


Short summary of the caveats/issues mentioned thus far in the comments and answers: Individual checked item and overall baggage weight limits. Individual checked item and overall baggage dimension & volume limits. Costs might be higher than they appear: Airline costs per extra luggage item may rise with the number of items. General charge for having ...


The obvious methods are air freight or courier (DHL) or post office. The first two are quick and reliable but expensive. The third is economical but not always reliable. You could also contact a shipping / freight forwarding company in Hanoi to explore options by sea/land. With air freight or courier, you need to consider the "storage" time, as the bags ...


They will let you know upon check-in. You can ask if the luggage will be checked through to be sure. Since all your segments are international, this is usually the case, although it sometimes depends on the particular airport. The bags will be tagged I2I which stands for International-2-International. You would only need to pass through customs in Canada ...


It should be fine. The airplane hold temperature is generally set to be anywhere between 5 and 25 deg C, so cool but above freezing. I'd advise you to freeze the food if possible and pack it well in an insulated cooler bag or equivalent. You could even check it in separately in a Styrofoam box filled with ice if you want. The one caveat is that if your ...


Last month we boarded the plane at YYZ, and while they were loading the last bags, the ramp was closed because of a thunderstorm. One bag stood in the conveyor belt under one full hour of torrential rain.


Nowdays, when you ask for a fragile sticker, they make you sign a waiver for baggage damage (Limited release) , so its purely for the airlines benefit, they know they dont need to compensate you if they damage something in your baggage if you mark it as fragile

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