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One potential issue is that you might have to put your metallic friend through the X-ray scanner, and I'm not sure these are normally large enough to take a human-sized object. Security might also demand to open him up, to check for explosives etc. This would be especially true if he has a metallic casing that prevents the scanners from seeing inside.


No you don't need to claim and recheck your bags. For future reference at Changi, if you're flying with SQ on the same ticket they will transfer them for you. Here's the answer from their Twitter: Are both flights booked under the same booking ref? If yes, the baggage will be check through to the final destination.


The best way is to use an inflatable protective packaging, like this: (source of image: a UK packaging company with whom I have no affiliation - googling for 'bottle postage inflatable' produces many alternatives). As an additional useful tip, just in case your bottle (somehow) or you get a leak, wrap the whole lot in a tough old plastic bag (to stop ...

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