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From the information you have supplied here, you were wrongly denied boarding. Your U.S. visa was sufficient to make the transit: Information as of 23AUG15 / 0855 UTC National Syria (SY) /Residence Jordan (JO) Embarkation Jordan (JO) /Transit Germany (DE) Destination USA (US) ALSO CHECK DESTINATION INFORMATION BELOW Germany (DE) TWOV ...


For company reimbursement purposes, you can also print a passenger receipt, which is available online up to 30 days after the flight.


To answer your questions in order: You don't need to print anything. The App will automatically download a mobile boarding pass. If you are checking bags, just go directly to the bag drop. Otherwise, go directly to security and show the mobile boarding pass. (If you have an iPhone, it will be in Passbook and already on your lock screen.) Take a ...


Even if there is no regular immigration check when travelling between Schengen countries, German alien law requires you as a non-EEA citizen to have a valid passport when entering Germany, also when crossing an 'open' border from another Schengen member state. Since Netherlands is one of the main sources of illegal drugs and narcotics in Germany, I have the ...

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