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Since you booked through United, and flights are with their Star Alliance partners, all the mileage for all legs should be automatically credited to the same account you gave for the United flights. Save your boarding passes and check after the trip, but this is how it is supposed to work. I wouldn't worry about it until then.


No, you can't. Any flight you book with miles does not give you miles, they are always excluded.


Your best course is to call the American Airlines AAdvantage Customer Service number and ask. Your question is ambiguous as to if you registered for the standard AAdvantage program or for a "challenge" which awards elite status for flying a reduced number of elite-qualifying points (for 2015) or miles (for 2016) in a certain period of time. If the former ...


Flying Blue is not a generous program particularly if you have the misfortune to be travelling in economy class. In the UK it is sometimes nicknamed "Flying Poo". The main advantage is that you will have Flying Blue Gold after only thirty individual flights per year. (I assume you mean "8-10 return trips per year", if you are only doing 8 flights in total ...


Looking at their website, their internet presence, their blog and the fact that they seem to be very active to date as they update their social media profiles very often, it is safe to assume that the business side of things is legitimate: they seem to be actively looking for customers and are doing their marketing properly. A simple google search for "the ...

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