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Yes, it is correct. Airline partnership arrangements include this restriction as a matter of course. The point is to achieve reciprocity; allowing people to double collect (or more) would alter the economics of frequent flyer rewards, fundamentally changing their value.


Booking in advance at the airport will usually save you around the same amount as the $9 fare club, you can't get both discounts. This a great option for anyone who has easy access to one of their airport locations.


After searching through my previous email contact with the service hotline, the numbers are: topbonus Platinum Hotline DE: +49 30 221 511 51 / Fax +49 30 221 511 52 topbonus Platinum Hotline AT: +43 1 928 00 99/ Fax +43 1 928 00 98 topbonus Platinum Hotline CH: +41 44 583 0 677 / Fax +41 44 583 0 678 (The number works on 8th April 2016, might not work if ...


Yes, you can earn with partners of the alliance (you'll find the complete list here: However, you have to distinguish Avios and Tier points. You can use the calculator at to calculate the exact amount ...


No! This is not common at all. Of all of the FF programs I've used (Delta, Southwest, Korean Air, etc.) all require a password to log in. Not only is this uncommon, it's an absolutely horrible security practice for the reasons you've found out. Here are a couple of examples of how major programs currently handle this: Delta Delta's website requires a ...

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