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I think the biggest cross-gallery "virtual tour" at the moment is the one that Google did, Google Art Project. It covers 17 leading world art galleries, but alas the Louvre isn't currently one of them... If you look at their FAQ it lists the museums currently available, such as the National Gallery in London and MoMA in New York. Be warned though, you can ...


You can find almost everything about Louvre's permanent exhibits and events in the museum's site. Famous permanent exhibits that I'd personally wouldn't miss are: The Winged Victory of Samothrace, Nicolas Poussin's painting The Rape of the Sabine Women, and Eugène Delacroix's painting July 28: Liberty Leading the People. You can find more about the ...


Louvre's website throws up two options which come close: Virtual Tours: Requires QuickTime plugin. Shows pans of specific exhibits and areas. 3D Tours: Requires a special 3D plugin (Virtools) and has 3D recreations of exhibits. Not particularly impressive.


Targeting Question 1: You mentioned you're under 26 and you're travelling in the beginning of march. If you're in Paris on a weekend check out the "Ticket Jeunes Week-end". Unfortunately there is no english version of this site. It costs 3,65€ per day for zone 1-3. It was perfect on my last visit. To buy the ticket just head for the ticket office and ask ...


There is a lot you asked and even more to answer so as gerrit suggested, you can separate questions. 1 and 3: Travelling To come from Beauvais to Paris, you will have to take the 16 € bus which will let you in Porte Maillot. Paris is very little, you can easily walk between attractions (except Montmartre). You can use a ticket t+ for any metro, tramway, ...


In mesopotamian collections, don't miss the code of Hammurabi found in Susa (Shush, Iran), the first written law in the world.

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