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My favorite way to get between the two used to be on a United Express Embraer-120 operated by SkyWest, which gave you a grand aerial tour of the LA basin and, at the time, 500 frequent flyer miles for 34 flight miles. Sadly, those flights were discontinued some years ago. Shared Van As with DAL-DFW, MIA-FLL, or HOU-IAH then, the most direct and economical ...


I would suggest a shared-ride van. At the airport, they put you in a van with several other people whose destination is in the same vicinity as yours, and then take all of you to where you are going. You get door-to-door service like a taxi but for much cheaper. Of course it is somewhat slower than a taxi because of the extra stops, and you may also wait ...


Disneyland Resort Express Rome2Rio says that you can be there in 2 hours using buses, for a total approximate cost of 48 - 53USD. The journey includes taking a Gray Line AH bus to Disneyland Hotel, followed by another Gray Line AH bus to SNA airport. This is a somewhat unorthodox approach, and might not be compatible with your departure and landing times, ...


I needed to store my luggage in Hollywood because I had a 12 AM flight and arrived early in the day from another city, so all I did was order a cheap bunk at a backpacker's place. Then the good thing was I got to take a shower before getting on the flight.

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