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Blizzard Entertainment (known for Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft and other games) in Irvine, CA, offers tours, but only on a limited basis. If you're interested, you should contact them as soon as possible, as Spots are limited and booked months in advance, so we recommend signing up on the waitlist for more information on availability and dates.


You could try doing meetups. For example... http://www.meetup.com/sfhtml5/ There's a Nov 24 meetup at the Google San Francisco offices and another on Dec 12. January is probably a bit too far away for meetup's to be currently scheduled so maybe check the closer to CES that you get. Other examples: http://www.meetup.com/TechXploration/ They have a lot of ...


None of the major software companies based in the San Francisco Bay Area (including Silicon Valley) appear to offer tours to the general public; I looked up Google, Facebook, Apple, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, eBay, Symantec, Intuit, and Salesforce.com. The larger firms like Google and Apple have campuses, parts of which are open to the public; however, you ...


If you're in university, you could try contacting HR/Hiring departments about internships--you'll be in the US for CES, would it be possible to interview or least tour the company while you're there? Search 'company-name headquarters tour' to see if the big companies already have something in place. Look, giving tours to anyone who shows up means someone ...

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