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You can enter the US at any point, unless there is an annotation on your visa stating that you must enter at a specific port of entry. Keep in mind that your purpose for entering the US must be consistent with the purposes allowed by the type of visa you have. If you enter for a purpose not allowed by the visa type (e.g. to take employment when you have a ...


It will be tough, as most larger car rental agencies want you to be 25 or older and have x years of license; some allow below, but charge you through the nose for that. I cannot name specific companies that allow it, but probably the farther you go from big to obscure, the easier it gets. You will be able to find that info on the internet, together with ...


The Universal Studios tour? Disneyland? (There are other entertainment industry museums, too.)


Probably not what you had in mind, exactly, but the oldest remaining Bob's Big Boy restaurant in Burbank has near-museum status, plus, you know... food.

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