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How about you play the game of meditation(here's a link from a quick google, if you insist on an app) ? Sit silently, breathe and focus on breath. Raise your levels of consciousness and everybody wins. Thank you.


Inspired by this question, I would suggest a physical alternative, like who can do the most pushups or who can hold the plank position for the longest time.


There are a variety of games that can be played by passing pieces of paper around, which you could do quietly and discretely. A quick search for "pencil and paper games" or "paper passing games" indicates some that work with more than two players (or pair up and have a few games going at once). Some are more strictly "games" with an element of strategy, ...


Here is an update for 2016: Early on 3 March, Emirates flight 449 made history when it touched down in Dubai from Auckland. The Airbus A380 covered an estimated 9,000 miles between New Zealand’s largest city and the airline's hub, making it the current longest non-stop scheduled commercial flight by a distance. The Independent Here is what we can look ...


This is a very interesting question, and there are so many possible answers- here are just a few; Don't book a ticket for a flight that is likely going to have kids on: If you have flexibility of dates, book while the kids are at school, if not, try and book a flight at a bad time for families - say 1 o clock in the morning. Not an early morning's person? ...


White noise is particularly good at "cushioning" sound so that the highs/lows as well as ambient sounds blend into the background. In fact, there are very well-reviewed machines whose sole purpose is to make white noise to help block out sound and make it easier to fall asleep. For situations like yours, though, I usually just go to iTunes and play a ...


Bring $20 - $50 cash. After you board, if you happen to be near a toddler, find a more preferable seat that seems to have a solo passenger in it, and make an attractive cash offer to the person who currently has that seat to switch with you. Be upfront with your reason for wanting to switch, as they will likely be suspicious otherwise.


How to do it? Probably almost as many possible answers as there are travelers. My approach may not work for others, or they may find it distasteful: Pay off all debts including late wife's medical bills. Get rid of TV and car; learn to bicycle or walk everywhere. (Bus/train/car rental/plane only when time is a problem.) Get medical care from the U.S. ...


Great question and answers. In terms of accommodation, I didn't see house/pet sitting option listed yet. It may be a new(wer) thing since the question was posted. There are several sites where you pay an annual fee and have access to housesits all over the world. The owners of the home leave to travel themselves and sometimes even leave a car. You have a ...


While long haul, no layover flights may seem advantageous, this is one area where a multi-hop flight has advantages. If you are seated in an inconvenient manner, you don't have to deal with it the entire flight, the next flight will provide a different seating, and even if that one is inconvenient you'll at least have a layover where you can walk away from ...


Judging from your description it seems like your complaints are mainly noise related. You would most likely benefit from some noise canceling headphones. While there are many models out there, Bose has a pretty good reputation in this area.

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