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Although I found all of the other answers helpful, I was hoping for something a little more quantitative so I did some googling. I found this article by Lightspeed Aviation to be extremely informative. It is intended for non-career pilots of single engine aircraft, but the principles are the same. They show some typical noise spectra of single engine ...


I really like my on-ear Bose Quietcomfort 3 headphones- they significantly reduce the noise in an aircraft. I found some of the other ones created their own high-pitched hiss which bothered me more than the aircraft noise. The data says 136gm, but they actually weight about 200grams with cable and charger (rechargeable batteries last more than 20 hours and ...


I've always been suspect of the efficacy of high-priced noise-cancelling headphones, and recently picked up a pack of Hearos foam earplugs. Best $6.45 I've ever spent before air travel. The engine roar fades to a gentle hum, and in-flight disruptions such as seatmate chatter and cabin announcements are rendered nearly incomprehensibly quiet.


A while back I bought a cheap (around 16 euros, panasonic) in-ear headphones with active noise canceling in order to use them at work. They are great to cancel constant noises like the one from the air conditioning, much less to cancel my workmates chat. I haven't actually tried them on a plane but I expect them to work against the engine. 16 euros are worth ...

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