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To add to the excellent answers above: you should always bring some food onto the plane in case you get hungry during mid-flight. Some of the common food I seen are bread, sandwiches, and instant noodles (the flight staff should be able to provide hot water).


Generally, on long-haul flights food is served shortly after start and then again shortly before landing. As a rule, the higher the class, the closer to takeoff/landing the food will be served. Because there are less people in higher classes, it's faster to go around with the drinks first. The airline usually try to have the longest possible time in which ...


As mentioned in an answer to another similar question, the best source for this kind of information is the website of the airline itself. In your case, ANA has a page, where you can choose your route and it will give you the menu for the flight. As it is called 'lunch/dinner', you can probably safely assume that the food will be served not too long after ...

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