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Your options are: 1) Taxi can be hailed on the street: 'TAXI' light on roof illuminated = available for hire, hail it by waving at the driver and shouting "Taxi!" can be pre-booked by phone or app. taxi ranks located at airports and major railway stations. driver has passed extremely difficult test of London geography and has all central London streets ...


The best way to get a feel for a whole aspect of a city like this is with a good guidebook. There are also free online wikis - for a big city like London, they're usually quite up to date. Lonely Planet's page on London taxis is a good place to start, and has lots of detail, but isn't very clear on the difference between minicabs and Uber/Kabbee, so I've ...


Can confirm from my personal experience today, there is a No. 1 lounge in Terminal 3 where you can stay overnight in Heathrow for £60 that includes sleeping pod, shower and some food. Not the best option, but decent if you have visa issues or really early morning flight


The accepted answer is not working anymore as the city night line trains are taken out of the timetables. So now your best bet will be to travel fast by day and/or travel by ferry at night. Seat 61 suggests that you might use the Harwich to Hook of Holland ferry overnight, taking a day train to Hamburg, take a train the next day via Copenhagen to Stockholm ...

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