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Here's a fairly haphazard list, based off your description. There's an exhibition of Malay silverwork at the V&A Museum until July 2014, and the National Service exhibition at the National Army Museum contains exhibits from Malaya. There's a statue of Sir Stamford in Westminster Abbey, and one of Viscount William Slim (commander of British troops in ...


I think so, yes. This map shows that all the gates are accessible off a common area: -- http://www.luton-airport-guide.co.uk/terminal-map.html My only issue is that the map doesn't show security (though it lists a legend item for it) and neither does it show security on the ground floor map. So it's possible (though unlikely) that there are security ...


Edit: on closer inspection (thanks Krist van Besien for the seat61 link) it seems that sadly, the only practical options really are coach with ID or Eurolines (cheap, £20-£50ish depending on advance booking, but 5hr+), or Eurostar. Train > Ferry > Train Many possible routes, here's the fastest: High speed train from St Pancreas to Dover: around 1hr ...


IDBus runs coaches from London to Lille. They take some time though, travel time is 5h40. But they are cheap. http://uk.idbus.com/ But this does look like the fastest alternative that does not involve flying or the Eurostar.


It would be a tight squeeze, but depending on where you're starting in London, there's one theoretical alternative: flying via Paris. For example: Catch flight AF1981 from Heathrow at 12:15 PM, arriving Paris-CDG terminal 2E at 2:35 PM (1:35 PM London time). Catch the TGV Est 5425 at 3:07 PM from Aeroport-CDG (directly under T2), arriving in Lille at 4:01 ...


You'll end up walking almost as far underground, down escalators, corridors, along platforms at Kings X, then the same coming out at Euston as you would walking above ground, and without the need to wait for a tube train :) Walk straight along Euston road. It will take you 5 minutes max.


I also vote for walking. You can save a little bit of time by being in the right part of the train, and then by avoiding a couple of annoyingly slow pedestrian crossings: Travel in the frontmost carriage if you can; that'll put you closest to the ticket barriers at Kings Cross. Get up and go to the doors as the train approaches the station. You want to ...


Walk it! I studied at UCL (just over the road from Euston) and lived near Kings Cross. As long as there are no mobility issues, there's no way I would recommend using public transport between the two stations. You'll walk past the British Library, too, which is worth seeing.


If you walk fast then I would definitely say that walk will be faster. Just follow the main road (Euston Road) just like Google Maps suggests, I don't think there are any reasonable shortcuts. I didn't really time this, but I would expect about 10-12 mins from platform to platform.


As others have said, give serious consideration to not buying one! However, if you must... Tottenham Court Road would be your best bet. It's almost half way between Paddington and St Pancras, and if you don't have too much luggage it's probably a 30-40 minute walk from either. Otherwise, plenty of buses there, or you can take the tube (from Paddington walk ...


I'm going to propose an alternative solution: install OsmAnd on your phone, then download the data for the countries you're visiting. It's completely free (although donations are welcome) and completely offline, so you don't need any mobile data at all. Some caveats: Download the data before you leave, the files are huge (hundreds of megs). OsmAnd's ...

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