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The western half of what you're looking at would fall well within the range usually referred to as Allgäu - here is a 'map' of the outlines of that region as used in today's tourism industry, covering both Germany and Austria although originally Allgäu was a part of the German Oberschwaben, see here. The Austrian areas are part of (Nord)Tirol - a map with ...


From "National Anthem Day in Romania", it would seem that usually people celebrate it in public places. There are key historical spots that attract crowds, such as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Carol Park in Bucharest. Celebrations include a public ceremony attended by political and religious leaders, officers serving the armed forces, and war ...


Rue des Tourterelles starts at -20.12672, 57.49795 and ends at -20.12634, 57.50161. It was recently added on OpenStreetMap.

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