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Yes there are plenty. The most thourough experience is probably to visit Skansen - the outdoors combined zoo and open-air museum at Djurgården. They have some shorter information in english about this. In swedish there are several pages about the festivities. Almost everwhere there are some kind of local festivity going on. It may be hard to track down. In ...


If you are on a business trip, these should be your priorities: Do NOT wear a hat in inside any premises if those are pertaining to your business. Use an umbrella when out (That is going to help you more, and is socially acceptable as well) Your requirements would also depend on the city you are planning to visit.


For dinner (in the evening) from 6 to 9ish is when people would start. Lunch is around 12 noon to 2pm, with 1pm being the most popular. Some restaurants may have "early bird" offers, where you can eat cheaper if you start (and hence finish) earlier (i.e. start before/at 5:30pm). A restaurant might be open until midnight, but may not be serving food all ...

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