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One thing to be careful of is that many laundry machines in Japan are now the super-high efficient kind that need very low or non-sudsing detergent. Detergent that's now sold in Japan is fine, but if you bring detergent from your home country, it may be high-sudsing -- which can cause the machine to overflow with suds or even damage it. So regardless of ...


I doubt this has anything to do with customs. 'Thank you' in English means acceptance, whereas in Polish - denial. If someone asks you if you want something and you say 'thank you' as an answer in English, it means you want it, but, in Polish, it means that you don't. Consider: Would you like a cup of coffee? Thank you. In English: I want the coffee. ...


I have seen Indian Sikh chefs on BBC (British) TV making 'beef' style dishes out of waterbuffaloo and they said it was a common thing to do in India as well. Not having been in India I can not confirm nor deny it, but if you do see 'beef' dishes in India, they might be waterbuffaloo.


Each state has its own legislation, some of which are summarised here. Maharashtra, the state in Western India that contains Mumbai (Bombay), introduced a total ban on beef earlier this year (2015). Possessing or selling beef is punishable by a Rs 10,000 fine or five years imprisonment. You'll still find restaurants in Mumbai advertising beef burgers or ...

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