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In Lille, the trip count paradigm is used. According to this : http://www.transpole.fr/fr/pass-pass-et-tarifs/titres-occasionnels.aspx Single trip €1.50 10 trips €12.50 Short trip €0.80 (3 stops max, on subway and light rail only) Day pass €4 2-day pass €7.50 3-day pass €9.50 After 7pm evening pass €2 All fares allow transfers. Single trip and each trip ...


Edit: on closer inspection (thanks Krist van Besien for the seat61 link) it seems that sadly, the only practical options really are coach with ID or Eurolines (cheap, £20-£50ish depending on advance booking, but 5hr+), or Eurostar. Train > Ferry > Train Many possible routes, here's the fastest: High speed train from St Pancreas to Dover: around 1hr ...


IDBus runs coaches from London to Lille. They take some time though, travel time is 5h40. But they are cheap. http://uk.idbus.com/ But this does look like the fastest alternative that does not involve flying or the Eurostar.


It would be a tight squeeze, but depending on where you're starting in London, there's one theoretical alternative: flying via Paris. For example: Catch flight AF1981 from Heathrow at 12:15 PM, arriving Paris-CDG terminal 2E at 2:35 PM (1:35 PM London time). Catch the TGV Est 5425 at 3:07 PM from Aeroport-CDG (directly under T2), arriving in Lille at 4:01 ...

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