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As both tickets are on British Airways, they most likely will allow you to check your bags through. But keep in mind that this would be a courtesy and not a right, so it will be up to the agent checking you in. If the agent does not check them through, you would need to clear immigration and customs to check in for your next flight.


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If it's all one ticket, you won't have to worry. When you check in at Perth airport, they should check your luggage all the way through to Leeds, as it's one ticket, but check with them that they do. The baggage tag receiptss you'll be given will then show them as going to Leeds. On arrival into Heathrow, follow the Purple "Flight Connections" signs, then ...


The standard IATA minimum transit time is 105 minutes however if you do have to collect your luggage that does not apply. So, between terminals is 20 minutes average journey time including wait by Bus 482 or 490. Minimum check in time is 45 minutes. That leaves about 55 minutes for all else, including Immigration, collecting baggage (if not checked ...

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