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Short update: we decided to have our flights changed and now have over 3 hours to make the connection. This will give us more peace of mind, I really don't like stressing over connection times when travelling :) Because it's an involuntary change due to BA's decision to change the flight times, we're not even charged any additional fees.


Not unless you are connecting to a UK domestic flight or a flight to Dublin. Or you need to collect and recheck your bag for some reason


According to British Airways, it depends on the terminal. Check that page for more information. Flight connections with British Airways at London Heathrow The flight connections process within Heathrow airport will vary depending on your origin and final destination. When you arrive at Heathrow, please follow the purple ‘Flight Connections’ ...


As @PassKit said previously. Here's the specific instructions for Chicago O'Hare CONNECTING FLIGHTS If you have a connecting flight and are checked through all the way to your destination, once you claim your luggage and pass through Customs you can drop it off at the airline information desks located directly after Customs. If you are ...


Assuming you are on a single itinerary (given that you have mentioned codeshare flights), your luggage will be tagged to your final destination, Cincinnati. What this means in practice is that you will not need to collect and recheck your luggage in London. However, you will need to collect it and recheck in Chicago. When you first arrive in the US, you ...

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