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You can use your Oyster card within the Greater London area on busses, trains, underground, overground and the DLR. Outside of the Greater London area there are some places where you can use your Oyster card, but they are also close to London and usually within the M25. Gatwick is much further away to London, so you won't be able to use your oyster from ...


You can get an Oyster card from the airport. However, it's not available on the trains yet. You'll have to buy a ticket at the station (there are machines on your right as you walk into the train station at the airport). If you want to go to Monument, you'll only have to change once, and you won't need to buy a new ticket. Buy a ticket at Gatwick to ...


The easiest way without changing trains is to get Thameslink to London Bridge, then walk half a mile.


The answer to this question (and many others) will change in late 2018 or early 2019 when Crossrail opens. For future reference, board a Thameslink train at Gatwick (the likely destinations for this service are Bedford, Luton, Peterborough, Cambridge or King's Lynn) and change at Farringdon for a Crossrail train to Paddington. Because this journey will be ...

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