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I believe you should be able to form a civil partnership or marriage in the UK as foreigners, regardless of it being same-sex or not. From 29 March 2014, same sex couples can get married in England and Wales. You can only get a civil partnership as a same sex couple. There're some differences being made between marriage and civil partnership, but as ...


To claim for delayed flights compensation in the EU under (EU rule 261/2004) should only cost the price of a stamp to your airline. You should not pay a 3rd party company to do this for you. There are some very helpful tips that are provided by Martin Lewis (The Money Saving Expert) in the UK which I followed and were successful in my claim. I presume it is ...


All kinds of weapons, small or big, cold or fire, whether used for self defense or mass destruction are strictly prohibited onboard all flights, all airlines, in all countries and airports. If you managed to get it onboard a flight, then it must be due to improper security check at the gate, not because they allow it. From the TSA's page on prohibited ...


According to ny daily news, sleeping in cars is no longer illegal. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/court-overturns-law-bans-people-sleeping-cars-article-1.1837189


Airport Duty-Free stores are located after the security check points and before the boarding zone. As such, purchasing Alcohol would be allowed and carrying it aboard, assuming you will pass any other boarding requirement as well, would also be allowed. (Note, in at least the US, a lady's purse counts as a carry on, so if you also had an actuall (rollaboard) ...


To the best of my knowledge, no such global resource exists -- and that's a slightly more assertive statement than most, since I was at Lonely Planet when accessible travel manager Martin Heng presented his research on precisely this. There are a bunch of local efforts of widely varying standards and quality, OpenBritain being one of the better ones. ...


According to CALTRANS the maximum stay in a 24 hour period at a CALTANS rest area is 8 hours. I live in the North West corner of the state; while there are roads that I won't drive for fear of getting shot by growers in Southern Humboldt most of the rest areas are pretty safe.

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