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The aircraft you are flying on use containers for baggage, so even if they were off loaded at the stopover, chances are your bags would remain in the original container they were loaded in. Bags are loaded into containers based on destination to expedite loading and handling. Whether bags are off loaded or not depends on multiple factors from both the ...


No you don't need to claim and recheck your bags. For future reference at Changi, if you're flying with SQ on the same ticket they will transfer them for you. Here's the answer from their Twitter: Are both flights booked under the same booking ref? If yes, the baggage will be check through to the final destination.


For sushi, head to the Tsukiji fish market and just find a place. The small shops there are typically all excellent and the fish is about as fresh as you can get. To get there, take the subway to Higashi-Ginza Station and its a couple minutes walk. Also, something worth noting, my personal favorite thing about Haneda Airport is that after a long ...

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