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There is a train station within walking distance of the terminal, if you're going to take the train into the city, but last time I was there it was not easy to find: the signage was not very clear, basically. If you start walking along the airport access road you've gone too far. Other than this I think it is very simple and easy. WAW is a good airport.


It's worth considering. There is no such thing as perfectly "safe" in this regard, only varying levels of risk. Typically the airline will allow enough time that the transfer can be made, including luggage, etc, if the first flight arrives on time and everything goes as planned. But it's not a guarantee. If the first flight is delayed for any reason (which ...


There is no absolute answer to this question. In theory, the airline does not like missed connections because they have to find some way to re-accommodate you to your final destination, so they have every incentive not to schedule connections that are too tight to make. In practice, there are lots of missed connections every day, especially when the first ...


If you're on a budget: 24h city transportation ticket is really cheaper than buy short-tern tickets each time. Check foursquare, soup can be found in ~5zl, quite good lunch in 15zl if not on budget - city taxi must have price displayed at the door, so you'll know what you'll have to pay before you get that car. Check weather forecast - it's almost cold ...

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